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Old Montana Prison History

This old Montana prison officially opened its doors to its first 9 inmates on July 2, 1871, before Montana was even a state! It closed down in September of 1979 giving it a 108 year history. It saw not only men inmates, but women and children as well. It is one of the few prisons in the country that housed territorial, state, and federal prisoners.

Today, the old Montana prison is a museum complex that includes the prison, car museum, Yesterday's Playthings (antique toy and doll museum), Frontier Montana (a frontier museum with a large antique firearm collection), and the Powell County Museum. You can visit their official website here -

With a 108 year history, you can imagine the history that it has behind it. Escape attempts, riots, fights, and murders are just some of the horrific things that happened behind the sandstone and granite walls of this castle-like prison.

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