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Ever want to investigate the paranormal in some of the most haunted buildings in Montana?

How It Works
The night of the investigation we will all meet at the doors of the location. When the doors open we will go over our waiver of liability, give a history tour of the location, and will then go over the equipment that we will be using that night which is provided for you. (You may also bring your own equipment if you'd like.) We will then split up into groups with designated tour guides. (These groups depending on the location are usually 3-7 people.) You will then go with your group to a location within the building/grounds and use the equipment provided to investigate the paranormal activity happening in the building. Every hour, groups will switch locations within the buildings/grounds so everyone gets a chance to explore and investigate all the different areas. Half way through the night, you will be given the opportunity, without the guides help, to investigate whichever part of the grounds/buildings that you enjoyed the most.


(Please Note: Ticket prices shown are a deposit of 50% of the actual ticket price. The remaining 50% is to be paid the night of the investigation at the venue.)

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